Marriage proposal goes completely wrong – man experiences love disaster in front of hundreds of people

The wedding should be the most beautiful day of life for lovers. But sometimes it doesn’t even happen – as in one case in Berlin. Munich/Berlin – When two people love each other, the relationship is often crowned by a wedding. This is usually preceded by a marriage proposal .

People choose different ways to do this. Some rely on an intimate moment without many spectators, others dare to propose in front of numerous witnesses. A TV reporter recently had to deal with a surprise marriage proposal . And the marriage proposal doesn’t always end with the expected – or rather hoped for – positive answer.

A young man in Berlin had to discover this too.
In the middle of Alexanderplatz in the capital, he had arranged everything for his beloved to publicly ask her the question of all questions. Apparently this didn’t go unnoticed by many people at the “Alex”, several hundred people gathered around the romantically decorated location and watched the spectacle. But it turned into a love disaster for the young man, who, like his chosen one, is active as an influencer on TikTok.

Marriage proposal in Berlin goes completely wrong – man experiences love disaster in front of hundreds of people at Alexanderplatz

To surprise the woman of his choice, the TikToker came up with something very special. He led her blindfolded into the middle of Alexanderplatz in Derlin.

There the man had set up a large heart made of red roses, along with candles and a red carpet. There was also a sign that read: “Will you marry me ? ” However, the young woman only noticed anything of this when she took off the blindfold.

Her boyfriend suddenly got on his knees and asked for her hand in marriage. But he probably didn’t expect the reaction that followed.
His sweetheart didn’t react very enthusiastically to the marriage proposal, as a video of the scene published on Instagram shows. 

She suddenly stormed away, making her way through the waiting crowd. The young man was left looking somewhat perplexed, he seemed embarrassed by the unexpected turn of events.

Real marriage proposal or just staged? Prevented bride and groom speak out

To what extent the whole event was real or staged could not be fully determined. Only the two protagonists themselves probably know whether the two TikTokers were just acting out the failed marriage proposal for a few more followers or whether it was a real love chaos.

In any case, according to her own statement, the young lady received some messages on TikTok that apparently did n’t were particularly nice. “I’ve been awake since yesterday. And many of you spoke badly about me. You don’t even know me. \

And you don’t know what I experienced at that moment. “Don’t make any prejudices,” she defended herself against emerging criticism of her reaction to the marriage proposal. Meanwhile, her boyfriend also spoke up via TikTok .

“I proposed to her and suddenly she said ‘no.’ There’s no reason, I can’t give a reason here,” he said, perplexed. And stated that contact with his girlfriend had been lost since the failed marriage proposal: “I tried to call her, but she doesn’t answer.” He complained: “I prepared everything as a surprise for her, but unfortunately it didn’t not work. That doesn’t mean she has to say ‘yes’. But just running away without telling myself, ‘I can’t do this,’ that’s not possible.”

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