SZA and Justin Bieber get cozy in sexy ‘Snooze’ music video

The music video for the popular song “Snooze” was released on Friday by the 33-year-old vocalist. The video portrays the Grammy award-winning artist navigating through the highs and lows of romantic relationships with five distinct partners, among them being Justin Bieber.

In the alluring visual presentation, SZA, known offstage as Solána Rowe, and Bieber make their first appearance seated beneath a tree, their connection evolving as the scenes progress to more intimate settings.

SZA and Justin Bieber:

Transitioning to a private space, the video showcases the “Kill Bill” singer serenading the 29-year-old Bieber, as they share cozy moments on a bed. The chemistry between them is palpable.

A particularly captivating moment unfolds when Bieber, bare-chested, moves sensually across the bed towards SZA, who matches the mood by dancing to the rhythm of the music.

As they settled down, the pair lit a joint, embarking on a shared moment that mirrored the escalating tension between them.

Amidst their disagreement, SZA began to raise her voice at Bieber, eventually hurling a pillow in the direction of his intricately tattooed chest.

In addition to her interactions with SZA and Justin Bieber also partakes in intimate sequences with Woody McClain from “Power Book II,” the charismatic Young Mazino from “Beef,” and producer Benny Blanco. In a uniquely unconventional scene, Blanco playfully enjoyed fries and ketchup directly off SZA’s bare body.

SZA and Justin Bieber

The video, directed by Bradley J. Calder and co-written by both Calder and SZA, takes an unexpected sci-fi turn. In this intriguing twist, the “Good Days” singer treats a robot to a lap dance, adding an element of futuristic flair to the narrative.

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