Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Spends Stressful Time ? Insider Spills All Details

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“However, these are the responsibilities he willingly accepted upon becoming Jennifer’s spouse.. She’s akin to a relentless Duracell Bunny, ceaseless and unyielding,” the insider further remarked.

He gives off the impression of a man coming back from a long tour of duty in a war zone, only to be met with his home ravaged by a tornado.

As for Jennifer Lopez, the insider conveyed, “Jennifer possesses a spirited nature. She thrives on intensity, and such fervor isn’t achievable without accompanying arguments and theatrics.”

“Jennifer’s undeniably a diva, and Ben is unequivocally aware of that fact. Both of them being performers, they find allure in the tumultuous and ever-changing stage—precisely what defines their relationship.”

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